About Us

    About M2 Homes

    At M2 Homes, we create a home that fits not only the lifestyle of our customers but their budget. Building a home is all about our clients wants and needs and this is why there may be a specific floor plan that our clients like, everything is tailored around the vision of the customer. At M2 homes, we take a different approach to home building compared to other home builders in the city. Our designer's work with our clients making changes to plans or designing a completely new plan. Moving a wall, expanding a kitchen, a closet or design a whole new layout, we will work with you to achieve your dream home.

    Along with the design process comes cost. At M2 Homes, we understand that building a home is a big investment and that is why we provide our clients with full transparency on cost before they sign off of the building of their new home. With us, there are no hidden fees and no surprises. This allows our clients to actually plan for a mortgage and not to be overwhelmed by the final cost at the end. What we quote you at the begging is what you will pay after the building process is complete.



    To make your new place feel like home, you’ll need a home with a layout that provides comfort and ease of movement. We can help you get just that, through our unbeatable floor planning services. Our professionals at M2 Homes will meet with you to learn about your lifestyle, preferences, and wants and needs in your next home. After we get a good understanding of everyone's needs, a floor plan will be developed that accommodates all your desires, along with other factors such as available space, placement on property, local ordinances, and more. At M2, we make it a collaborative process, one in which we work together to create the perfect floor plan that will keep you loving your home for years to come.
    Upon request, we can build a 3-d rendering of your home.

    Interior Design 

    A custom home has personalizations that aren’t only made in the building phase but are also integrated when it’s time to put the finishing touches on the interior. Having a beautifully designed custom home also has to do with the inside, and this is why, at M2 Homes, we provide you with experienced interior designers who can help you make those difficult finishing choices and colour palette choices. Unlike other contractors, our team has expert interior designers to help you capture the unique mood, personality, and look you want for every room in your home.
    We will infuse beautiful designs with practicality, leaving you with an attractive and functional home and space that suit you and your families lifestyle.