Choosing The Regina Custom Home Builder That Is Right For You - Are Past Home Buyers Satisfied

    Choosing The Regina Custom Home Builder That Is Right For You - Are Past Home Buyers Satisfied

    Are past home buyers satisfied?

    Many builders provide customer references; however, if they don't, you can always ask.  There are some great questions to ask people who have previously purchased a home from a Regina home builder:

    1. Would you buy your next home from this Regina home builder?
    2. Would you recommend them to friends or family members?
    3. Why are you recommending them?
    4. Did they complete your home on time?  Did the building of the home progress in a reasonably timely manner?
    5. Were they upfront about issues that arose during the building process?
    6. Were they transparent with regarding pricing?
    7. Ask previous clients just how much more (on a percentage basis) did you pay for your home than the builder's bid price. What do you attribute the overages to? Did they upgrade any items from what you originally intended/envisioned? Or were there things that you had initially understood would be included in the price that the builder later insisted were upgrades or which turned out not to be included in the contract as the builder wrote it?
    8. Were there any surprises with regards to costs during the construction process?
    9. Did the home builder keep the site relatively clean?
    10. Do they know whether or not the materials installed were installed based on manufacturer's warranty requirements?
    11. Did the home builder visit the site during the building phase?
    12. Did they meet or exceed your expectations with regards to your new home?
    13. What was working with the home builder and their subcontractors like?
    14. Did they allow you to view the home during the building process?

    We hope that this helps in choosing the right Regina home builder!

    We at M2 Homes pride ourselves on being the best!  We hold ourselves accountable to transparency with our clients when it comes to pricing.  We hold ourselves responsible for the details.  We hold ourselves to integrity and honesty in our business dealings.  Contact us to discuss your dream home!