Choosing The Regina Custom Home Builder That Is Right For You - Resale Value Of Their Homes

    Choosing The Regina Custom Home Builder That Is Right For You - Resale Value Of Their Homes

    The importance of the resale value of your home can not be understated.  After all, your home is the biggest investment you'll make.  Thinking about that when selecting a builder is important. 

    When considering the resale value of any home, there is a number of factors.  These factors include location, lot size, proximity to schools and other amenities, curb appeal, age of the roof, HVAC and water heater, upgrades, size of home for the neighbourhood and homes with plenty of storage space.  One item that isn't mentioned in articles that we reviewed is who actually built the home.  However, in our opinion, this is one other factor in determining the resale value of your home.   A good builder's reputation follows the home itself.  Local real estate agents often use this as a selling feature.  That is why a number of real estate agents will include the builder's name in ads when selling a home.  So look for a home builder with a good reputation.  

    There are four ways to check if a home builder has a good reputation:

    1. On-line

    1. Internet searches - blogs, news reports, consumer forums, and ratings and reviews on social media.
    2. Talk to local real estate agents and past customers

    2. Regina Home Builders Association

    1. The Regina Home Builders Association is a self-governing body that ensures members follow certain quality standards.  Call the association and find out more about the builder.  Are they a member in good standing?

    3. Financial Stability

    1. Ask the company themselves, how they are financially? Typically those builders that have been in the industry for a long time have been through the ups and downs of the industry.  They have the resolve to remain standing in good times and bad.

    4. Check the credentials of the contractors associated with the builder

    1. Quality home builders typically have standing relationships with quality contractors in the market place.  If a builder is constantly changing contractors this may cause concern on the quality of the home itself.  After all, long-standing relationships between a home builder and their contractor's produce well-built homes.