There Is A Right Way To Tour Regina Show Homes

    There Is A Right Way To Tour Regina Show Homes

    Maybe you are in the market for a new home or maybe it’s a way to spend a Sunday afternoon. A show home is a way for the builder to show off what they can do similar to a fashion designer at Fashion Week.  So here are a few tips on touring a Regina show home to get the most out of it.

    Tour A Number of Show Homes

    If you are serious about building a new home tour a number of show homes. The ideas that can be generated can add to your dream home. If the builder you choose is similar to M2 Homes, they will alter their floor plans to build you a custom home. Touring a number of Regina show homes can also provide you with an understanding of the building design process, warranties, and upgrades that you may want.

    Do Some Research

    Again if you are serious about building a custom home in Regina, check out the builder’s websites to see different floor plans that are available before going to tour their homes. By checking the floor homes available you may be able to ask specific questions with the builder while you are touring the home. After all your perfect floor plan might be another one of the builder’s offerings. Don’t forget experienced custom home builders like M2 Homes are flexible with regards to altering floor plans.

    Ask About the Design Process

    Ask about a builder’s design process. Experienced builders know the importance of establishing a design and building process. For some builders, it is not a custom practice to lay out a design process. There are three types of home builders in Regina. Production home builders offer very little in customization. Semi-custom builders allow some customization within their floor plans. Custom home builders, like M2 Homes, allow you to design your home from top to bottom. Although they may start with a floor plan, it is simply a starting point.

    Define Standard and Upgrade

    The most difficult about touring a show home is determining the difference between what is standard with the home and what is an upgrade. Builders typically include a number of upgrades in their show homes so ask which are upgrades and which are standard features. Take a tour with the builder and ask as they take you through the home what is standard and what is an upgrade.

    Inspect the Craftsmanship

    Pay attention to the details of the home. Is the floor laid perfectly straight, is the woodwork and moulding seamless, do the cabinets look like they will last through the years, is their quality fixtures in the home, to name a few details.

    Picture your Belongings in the Home

    Showhomes are typically staged by professionals. Builders want you to view the house complete including furniture. However, it is important to image the home with your fixtures and furniture in the home. Can you really picture you, your family and your belongings in the home? What does it look like?

    In closing, touring a Regina show home is one of the best ways to get to know the builders. If you are seriously interested in buying a home do a little planning and a little work before touring Regina show homes. It will pay off when it comes to determining which builder you decide to build with in Regina, the amenities you would like, the upgrades that interest you and your budget.

    At M2 Homes, we are proud of the homes we have built in Regina. In July of 2019, we are opening our latest show home to the public. Located on Sage Drive, we invite you to tour the home.